Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Share Internet with Adndroid Phone without a Router

Do you want to share internet with your Android Device, but don't own a Router? No worries. Here's the solution.
To accomplish this we would require a software called Maryfi. Its a free software and can be downloaded here. Once you have Maryfi downloaded, download the WiFi Virtual Adapter from Microsoft.

Now we have Maryfi and WiFi Virtual Adapter, let see the setup process.

  1. Install WiFi Virtual Adapter
  2. Install Maryfi
  3. Once done open Network Sharing Center from Control Panel. From the right pane open Change Adapter Settings.
  4. Select the adapter that has internet connection. In my case I use USB Data Card. 
  5. Right Click on the adapter and select properties. Open the Sharing Tab
Adapter Properties
6. Check the Allow Other network users to connect.

7. Next select the Virtual WiFi Adapter from the drop down list. You can determine the Virtual Adapter from the above picture. In this case it would be "Wireless Network Connection 2".

8. Now once the above procedure is done. Run Maryfi.
9. Give a name to your Wireless Hotspot. Setup a Password.

Once done, click on Start Hotspot button. and you should be able to see the Hotspot on other devices.

I am able to connect to the internet on my Galaxy551. It supports Android 2.2

Hope this tutorial help. Please share your views. Happy surfing.


  1. why this application, when hotspots can be easily activated on the android phones without any application?

    1. Dear friend, you are referring to something different. What you are saying is true, but the post here is to accomplish the reverse of what you are saying. Using hotspot you can use internet from your data plan, but this is in case you have to use your broadband on your phone. I hope you get it.