Monday, June 22, 2015

Reasons not to buy from Paytm

Dear Readers,

This post is specifically meant for Indian Consumers who shop Online. I am sharing a recent incident and my takeaway from the incident. I shop online on various sites, but am afraid to try any new website. Some of the sites on trusted list are,,, is now app only). When It comes to snapdeal I am a bit nervous.

I used Paytm to recharge and pay bills. Never had a problem with recharge. But paying electricity bill did not go through. One fine day I thought why not try their market to place to buy something. The discounts did catch my attention and they were very lucrative.  So finally I placed an order and ended up in a mess. My reasons not buy are:

No Paytm Customer Service over telephone. Only Email, Twitter, Facebook.

 This a huge problem. Paytm does not respond to emails. You tweet and they realize they have to respond. Most of the time it takes 24Hrs or more for a response.

Customer Service Executives are just insane

 The executives here do not read emails and respond. Maybe they don't understand English.  They ask you for product pictures in case you receive damaged or incorrect product. Once you send it to them they reply asking the same question over again.

Turn Around Time is way too high

Now unless you have all the time in the world and ready to let go off your money, this is not the place to buy. Let me share my incident.

Day1: Ordered a product (shipping/delivery: 4-6days.) Was happy that will get a cash back of Rs.300 on a purchase of Rs.900
Day2: Seller has not yet shipped the item.
Day3: Sellers ships the item.
Day4: Item arrives at my doorstep(wow that was quick)
I open the parcel in front of the delivery guy, just to ensure the product is in there. Here comes the surprise... its not what I ordered. I ask the delivery guy to take the parcel back. He denies and says...Sir agar aapko return karna hai to request dal do koi aur aakar el jayega(Translation: Sir, in case you want to return the product raise a request and somebody else will collect it.)
Now I was mad and furious. I emailed Paytm care... on their website they quote a turn around time of 4Hrs. but no response. I tweet and wait... no response.

Day5: I tweet and got a reply stating we have replied on your email. I check my email and they ask for a proof. They want me to send the images of the invoice, the picture of actual product and reason how is it different. No issues. I click some pictures and emailed.

Day6: No response. I tweet and another email drops in. Again they want me to send the proof. I suggest that I have already sent. Assuming some idiot might have deleted it, I send pictures again.

Day7: No response. I post on their Facebook account. Now they want me to fill another form on their FB page. So I tweet, same email and again asking for proof. (Now its driving me nuts), later got an email that a return request has been place. Product would be picked up in next 5-7days. Wonderful, now I have to wait for another 5 days. The experience does not end here..I am still awaiting for the product to be picked. Will update once somebody picks up the product.

Thanks for reading, please share you views and share this post as much as possible to help others from such agony.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Assign Quick Clip(Notebook) Key to use as Camera for LG Optimus Vu P895


After searching a lot and going through several post found a way to Root my LG Optimus Vu P895.
If you would like to Root, you can follow the post on XDA-Developer here. The motochopper worked with my P895.

Now coming to the key assignment on your phone follow the below mentioned steps. [Root Required]
(P.S. Please perform the steps below at your own risk. I'll not be responsible for any damage caused.)

  • Install a file manager which allows you to access the root file. I used SManager.
  • Open SManager and browse to the following path "/system/usr/keylayout"
  • You would find the file named "osp-input.kl" (Please create a backup copy of the file before editing the original)
  • Open this file in Text Editor with -rw- (read/write) permission.
  • Locate line "key 212 Quickclip" and change it to "key 212 CAMERA"
  • Save the file and write the changes to system.
  • Reboot your phone and it should work now.

If the file is not available , it might be due to different regions. Let me know your progress, in case you have any problems or have difficulty following the post, let me know and will try to help.

Happy Hacking !!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to enable Virtual CD-ROM in Data Card

One of the reader of my blog asked me question which made me think. The questions was How to enable Virtual CD-ROM in Data Card?

Virtual CD-ROM in Computer

After some research I came up with an answer. So thought posting it so that everybody can benefit out of it.
Let me guide you step by step on How to enable Virtual CD-ROM on data card.

  1. We will need a software called MDMA which is free to download and can be downloaded from here:
  2. After downloading extract the file MDMA.exe to D: drive.
  3. Once you have installed the Drivers for your data card, open command prompt.
  4. On command prompt type "D:\mdma.exe u2diag:1" without quotes and hit enter.
  5. MDMA application should come up. The Data card will be ejected and replugged. The drivers will be reinstalled and now you should have your Virtual CD-ROM. 
  6. You can also disable it using the command "D:\mdma.exe u2diag:0"

There are a lot more commands that can be used, and can be seen using command "D:\mdma.exe /?"

I hope this helps. If you like this post, then please show your support by clicking on the "Like" button. This will encourage me to write more.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The journey of Asus RT-N13U router...continues

Continuing from my last post The journey of Asus RT-N13U router [User review] 

dd-wrt on Asus RT-N13U B1

After regular follow up with the Asus Customer Care, I finally got my Router replaced after 10 days. With a fear in my mind that I don't want to lose my router again, I began using it with the stock firmware and Asus Utility. The internet had no problem at all, but the Download Manager is Crap. I tried hard to make the most of Download Manager but I frequently kept loosing the downloads that had been partially completed. One fine day, I could not resist my self with trying the dd-wrt firmware.

So I went through a couple of tutorials, reviews to find the most stable firmware and some experience from past. I flashed my router again. And guess what this time I succeed. I have my Router running on dd-wrt, Also have Web Server, FTP server, Samba, and Transmission installed on a 2 GB pen drive. I have the Transmission client on my Android, thus I am not depended on my computer to start a torrent download.

So far so good....the router is truly amazing.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The journey of Asus RT-N13U router [User review]

I wanted to get a router for new Tikona Broadband Connection. So after a lot of research I settled for Asus RT-N13U. Later found it had an upgraded version, that was the B1 version. So settled with this. Searched eBay, and after some search I found a star seller, offering for a price of 2998 INR including shipping.
I ordered the product, and withing 4 days it was delivered.

I was so excited about this router, why shouldn't I be. There were a lot of amazing features bundled. I will comeback with the features later in this post. So I quickly unpacked the box. It was wrapped in a plastic wrap. I pulled the router out and looked for the accessories included. The box contained:
  • Router RT-N13U B1
  • LAN Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • A quick guide
  • A warranty card.
  • A CD with Asus Utilities
Once unpacked the router, I plugged in the AC Adapter, and the LAN Cable, connected it to my Netbook.
Powered on the unit and it got connected. I poped in the CD and, came up a Setup Wizard. I installed the Asus Utilities. Ran the Asus WPS wizard. Connected the LAN cable from my Broadband into the WAN port. Within minutes the setup was complete and the Router after a reboot was ready to go. So easy.


Why did I choose RT-N13U B1 Router.

I am a download freak and have an unlimited internet connection. I wanted to have a download rig which consumed minimal power and could run for days. The cost to build such a rig was around 4-5K. When browsing the internet I came across this router which had a USB port. I was wondering what the USB port was for? When I went through the features, yes this is what I was looking for.

The USB port had some good use.
  • Plug in a MFD(Multi-Functional Device), a printer/scanner and the router could act as a print server. Enabling everyone on the network to share the printer and scanner.
  • Plug in a 3G USB stick/dongle and convert your router into 3G router.
  • Plug in a USB storage device and use it as a NAS(Network Attached Storage), use download manager and queue your download into the router for download and you can shut down your system and let the router do the downloading. Also enable DDNS and access your files from anywhere on the internet.
Amazing features aren't they.

Now I had this router for a week and all of a sudden it stopped acquiring IP from my ISP. Did a complete reset, but it did not work. So thought it was an issue with the firmware. So flashed the firmware downloaded from Asus site. That too did not seem to work.

I downloaded the firmware from dd-wrt. Spent hours to read the documentation. Finally time had come. Flashed the router with dd-wrt firmware. My fingers crossed hoping not to brick my router. Did a restart and to my joy, it was done. There came up the dd-wrt login page. Changed the settings, configured the router, and a restart. After a reboot I checked the WAN IP and to my horror this did not seem to work.
So thought it my a manufacturing defect and I need to revert the firmware. But now the router refused to connect. Spent 4 days searching various blogs, asking people in different forums. But nothing seems to work out. Finally I called Asus Support center and a lady after some initial diagnosis said that I'll have to visit the Support center.

Next day picked up my router, and reached the Asus support center. explained the hole scenario. The engineer there check the router and declared it dead. It was like the router went into COMA. The light were on, but no communication. So he finally agreed that it is a manufacturing deffect and will have it replaced. Since they did not have this model in stock, he ordered a replacement. The router comes with a standard 3years warranty but did not survive even for 13 days. Now I am waiting for the replacement router to arrive.