Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Assign Quick Clip(Notebook) Key to use as Camera for LG Optimus Vu P895


After searching a lot and going through several post found a way to Root my LG Optimus Vu P895.
If you would like to Root, you can follow the post on XDA-Developer here. The motochopper worked with my P895.

Now coming to the key assignment on your phone follow the below mentioned steps. [Root Required]
(P.S. Please perform the steps below at your own risk. I'll not be responsible for any damage caused.)

  • Install a file manager which allows you to access the root file. I used SManager.
  • Open SManager and browse to the following path "/system/usr/keylayout"
  • You would find the file named "osp-input.kl" (Please create a backup copy of the file before editing the original)
  • Open this file in Text Editor with -rw- (read/write) permission.
  • Locate line "key 212 Quickclip" and change it to "key 212 CAMERA"
  • Save the file and write the changes to system.
  • Reboot your phone and it should work now.

If the file is not available , it might be due to different regions. Let me know your progress, in case you have any problems or have difficulty following the post, let me know and will try to help.

Happy Hacking !!!

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