Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The journey of Asus RT-N13U router...continues

Continuing from my last post The journey of Asus RT-N13U router [User review] 

dd-wrt on Asus RT-N13U B1

After regular follow up with the Asus Customer Care, I finally got my Router replaced after 10 days. With a fear in my mind that I don't want to lose my router again, I began using it with the stock firmware and Asus Utility. The internet had no problem at all, but the Download Manager is Crap. I tried hard to make the most of Download Manager but I frequently kept loosing the downloads that had been partially completed. One fine day, I could not resist my self with trying the dd-wrt firmware.

So I went through a couple of tutorials, reviews to find the most stable firmware and some experience from past. I flashed my router again. And guess what this time I succeed. I have my Router running on dd-wrt, Also have Web Server, FTP server, Samba, and Transmission installed on a 2 GB pen drive. I have the Transmission client on my Android, thus I am not depended on my computer to start a torrent download.

So far so good....the router is truly amazing.

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